Phòng Chiến | War Room | 2015 - 2015

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Tên phim: Phòng Chiến | War Room | 2015 - 2015

Đạo diễn: Alex Kendrick

Diễn viên: Priscilla C. Shirer, T.C. Stallings, Karen Abercrombie,

Thể loại: Tình Cảm

Sản xuất: Đang cập nhật

Quốc gia: Mỹ - Châu Âu

Thời lượng: 120 phút

Lượt Xem: 346

Năm phát hành: 2015

Filled with heart, humor, and wit, WAR ROOM follows Tony and Elizabeth Jordan, a couple who seemingly have it all-great jobs, a beautiful daughter, their dream home. But appearances can be deceiving. In reality, their marriage has become a war zone and their daughter is collateral damage. With guidance from Miss Clara, an older, wiser woman, Elizabeth discovers she can start fighting for her family instead of against them. As the power of prayer and Elizabeth's newly energized faith transform her life, will Tony join the fight and become the man he knows he needs to be? Together, their real enemy doesn't have a prayer.