Cô Gái Đan Mạch | The Danish Girl | 2015 - 2015

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Tên phim: Cô Gái Đan Mạch | The Danish Girl | 2015 - 2015

Đạo diễn: Tom Hooper

Diễn viên: Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander, Amber Heard,

Thể loại: Tình Cảm

Sản xuất: Đang cập nhật

Quốc gia: Mỹ - Châu Âu

Thời lượng: 119 phút

Lượt Xem: 329

Năm phát hành: 2015

Copenhagen, 1926. Danish artist, Gerda Wegener, painted her own husband, Einar Wegener Eddie Redmayne, as a lady in her painting. When the painting gained popularity, Einar started to change his appearance into a female appearance and named himself Lili Elbe. With his feminism passion and Gerda's support, Einar - or Elbe - attempted one of the first male-to-female sex reassignment surgery, a decision that turned into a massive change for their marriage, that Gerda realized her own husband is no longer a man or the person she married before. A childhood friend of Einar, art-dealer Hans Axgil Matthias Schoenaerts, shows up and starts a complex love triangle with the couple.